A Writer’s Itch

Every now and then a writer gets an itch to write a specific story.  I have posted a new story on my short story blog.  It’s just the first chapter of a story I plan on writing.  I would love it if you could all read and make comments on this story.  Should I continue it?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The story is entitled:  “A Squire’s Tale”.  It is the story of a boy who is conscripted into the service of a knight in medieval England in the reign of King Constantine (King Arthur’s Grandfather).

Your comments would be appreciated.  You can get to the story on my short story blog at https://hermesshortstories.wordpress.com/


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New Story

I have just posted another short story on my Short stories WordPress Blog.  This one is one I think we should all read and encourage others to read.  You tell me.  I would LOVE to see a LOT of comments on this one.  It’s called… “Better”




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Two New Stories

I have added two more short stories to this blog.  In Memoriam is a story based on actual events from my early teen years, fictionalized to protect the guilty.

And, Tom & Me is a fun story of a boy realizing his attraction to older, and some of the not so good consequences that can be the result.

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This blog will contain short 1 chapter stories.  I will post them from time to time as I finish them.

To start off, I am posting a story about coming out called “I Can’t”.  I hope it helps someone.

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